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San Jose, CA 95129
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K2 Solar provides a 10-year installation warranty on all solar PV systems. The solar PV module manufacturers also provide a 25-year warranty on the performance of the solar modules. This solar panel performance warranty typically guarantees 90% of the panel output at 10 years and 80% output at 25 years. Inverter manufacturers that we utilize also offer a 10-year warranty on their products. We can also provide a 10 year roofing installation warranty for both new and existing roofs provided that needed repairs have been made and a preventative maintenance contract is in place.

Performance Guarantee

K2 Solar prides itself on its design and build capabilities such that we can guarantee the total annual power (kWh) output of your solar system during the installation warranty period. Our guarantee will ensure that your solar system produces the target amount of electricity so you will achieve your needed energy production levels and associated rebate amounts. With an annual service contract and by measuring sun exposure and weather data with the weather station metering option, required for the performance guarantee, we can provide actual system efficiency relative to the local weather conditions and ensure the system is operating at its peak performance.

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