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Mounting Systems

We specialize in flat-roof, commercial building installations, but can also provide rack systems for other roof types or Solar Carports. Whatever the application, we conduct a detailed building structural analysis to ensure the roof is capable of handling the additional loads and to properly design the anchoring methodology. We specify the rack mounting systems to best suit the needs of your system as well as to minimize the number of required roof penetrations and maintain roof integrity.


Non-Penetrating, Flat-Roof Rack Systems: Although rack-systems are designed to be non-penetrating, some anchoring is often required by local inspectors due to wind and seismic loading issues. We specify rack systems to minimize the number of penetration points and to reduce costs and maintenance requirements. We work closely with roofing installers to ensure all penetrations are properly re-sealed, and as a standard we provide recycled roof pads between the racking footers and single-ply membrane roofs to ensure long-term roof integrity.


Sloped - Roof Mounting Systems
Basic rack systems with posts anchored to the roof. Proper roof flashing and sealing around the posts is required to maintain roof integrity. Clamp type systems can also be utilized with no penetrations for metal standing-seam roofs.


Ground Mounted Systems / Solar Carports
These can be either basic rack systems or pole mounted systems anchored to concrete pillars. In addition, solar parking shade structures can be constructed wherever space is available or when roof space is limited.


Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
These systems incorporate thin films technology in flexible solar cells or sheets. The BIPV solar sheets can be laminated directly to the roofing membrane or metal roofs for a smooth finish that can actually be walked upon. This is most suitable for curved building structures, metal standing-seam roofs, or other architectural details.

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