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Monitoring System

K2 Solar provides performance monitoring systems on all commercial solar PV systems. The monitoring system measures real-time performance of the solar array and displays the information via the internet to designated monitors. Many companies display the basic performance data in their lobby or break room to make employees and customers aware of the benefits of the renewable energy source. The system also provides immediate feedback if any part of the solar PV system is not performing correctly and can send e-mail alerts to the system administrator. The data from the system is also used to calculate the actual solar system electrical output for the California Solar Initiative rebate program for any systems >30kW.




Typical Screen data from the performance monitoring system includes:

bullet_k2solar Live Data - Shows how much solar power is being generated vs how much is being consumed on a real time basis. Other data such as irradiance (the amount of sunlight), solar cell and ambient temperature, and/or wind speed may be displayed dependent upon what metering options are installed.

bullet_k2solar Historical Data - Shows the total cumulative amount of power consumed and how much has been provided by solar power vs provided by the utility grid. This section also contains a graphical representation of the solar power generated by day, week, month or year.

bullet_k2solar Environmental Benefits - Shows the cumulative amount of CO2 saved by using solar energy as well as illustrations of the savings.

bullet_k2solar Custom Features - These may include flash animation of the installation, a tutorial on how solar PV systems work, your company's green and/or safety initiatives, corporate achievements and historical background, or other information.

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