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Benefits of Solar


Control Rising Energy Rates:
By investing in solar energy, you can virtually eliminate your electric bill for at least the next 20 years, or with no capital investment, you can lock in below market electricity rates for 10-20 years with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Given the historical growth rate of energy costs and the recent rapid price increases, the return-on-investment can be less than 5-7 years!

financial_incentives Financial Incentives:
Your company can take advantage of solar energy rebates (anywhere from 15-50% of system cost), a 30% federal tax credit or grant, an accelerated depreciation schedule, and Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) which can potentially appreciate and be traded.

green_initiatives Marketing Your Green Initiatives:
By showing your customers you care about the environment and are willing to invest in our future you will attract more business. Also, involving your own employees in a solar energy efficiency project can bring the side benefits of making people more cost conscious and saving on operating expenses.

low_maintnance High Reliability & Low Maintenance:
Solar PV systems have no moving parts and require minimal maintenance. The primary maintenance task is just keeping the panels clean! The solar PV modules are extremely reliable and are used in many extreme applications by NASA and the military. They have warranties of 25 years and should keep working well beyond that as long as the sun is shining!

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