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5339 Prospect Rd., #334
San Jose, CA 95129
Toll-Free: 1.877.414.0077
Tel: 408.894.9999
Fax: 408.894.9295

About Us

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aboutus_content K2 Solar designs, builds, and services solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems for commercial entities, government & non-profit facilities, schools, and small businesses throughout California and in the Western US region.  We can provide both traditional crystalline silicon panels and the latest thin-film solar modules for almost any application from flat, sloped, or metal-seamed roofs to ground mount systems and solar carports.  By leveraging the latest in solar technology and designing for optimal performance, we offer customers the most cost-effective solar system for their facility.  Our integrated solar & roofing solution eliminates roof integrity issues when dealing with just solar installer.  K2 Solar's partnerships with a commercial roofing firm and a renewable energy finance company bring a unique capability to the solar industry and enable us to better serve the needs of commercial businesses. 

Why K2 Solar?

  • Achieving Peak Performance:  The ideal location for peak performance of a solar PV cell is high up in the mountains where the air is clear, and the temperature is low.  This provides higher irradiance levels and higher cell voltage for the solar PV cells to produce at their maximum energy level.
  • "K2" is the Second Tallest Mountain in the World:  The first successful summit of K2 was by an Italian expedition on July 31, 1954.
  • The Modern Photovoltaic Cell was Developed in 1954:  The highly efficient solar cell was first developed by Daryl Chapin, Calvin Souther Fuller, and Gerald Pearson of Bell Laboratories in 1954 using a diffused silicon p-n junction (source: wikipedia).
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