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Solar Energy

5339 Prospect Rd., #334
San Jose, CA 95129
Toll-Free: 1.877.414.0077
Tel: 408.894.9999
Fax: 408.894.9295

Design & Build Services for Commercial Solar Energy Systems

K2 Solar designs, builds, and supports solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems for businesses throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. We can provide both traditional crystalline silicon solar panels and the latest thin films solar panels for almost any application from flat roofs or sloped metal standing-seam roofs to ground-mount systems and solar carports. By leveraging the latest in solar technology and designing for optimal performance, and we offer customers the most cost-effective system for their facility. Our integrated solar and roofing solution eliminates roof integrity issues when dealing with just a solar installer. K2 Solar's partnerships with a commercial roofing firm and an energy development company bring a unique capability to the solar industry and enable us to better serve the needs of commercial businesses.


Performance Guarantee

K2 Solar can guarantee the total annual power output of your solar system. With our design and installation process and an annual service maintenance contract, we will ensure that your solar system produces the target amount of electricity so you achieve your needed energy production and rebate levels. By analyzing sun exposure, temperature, and weather data with the on-site weather station, we can provide actual system efficiency relative to the local weather conditions and ensure the system is operating at its peak performance.

Integrated Solar & Roofing Solution

Our partnership with a leading commercial roofing company enables us to seamlessly design, install, and maintain both the solar PV and roofing system on new and/or existing buildings. Our integrated solution provides a single contact for a worry-free energy system on your roof. Both solar and roofing systems are designed and warranted to last 20-25 years. Installing a solar system now and having to remove it prior to payback in order to replace your roofing material is not cost efficient. Proper inspection & assessment, then repair, upgrade or replacement of the roofing before installing a solar system is essential. In addition, when the solar PV rack system requires anchoring to the roof due to wind loading, structural, or seismic issues, we can guarantee that the anchor points are properly installed, sealed, and waterproofed for your peace-of-mind. Our warranty and support services cover both the solar PV system and roofing system to save you time and cost.

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